Guns N’ Roses Fans Criticizes Axl Rose Heavily: “He Needs To Hire A Nutritionist And Fitness Guy”

Guns N' Roses Fans Criticizes Axl Rose Heavily: "He Needs To Hire A Nutritionist And Fitness Guy"

Guns N’ Roses fans criticized the band’s singer Axl Rose due to the current state of the musician’s voice and sent him a piece of slamming words after they saw his poor live performance.

Starting his musical career in 1983, the American singer Axl Rose is known for his tenure with the rock band Guns N’ Roses. He is the only sole constant member of the band since their inception in 1985. Throughout his career with Roses, Axl Rose appeared in the entire albums of the band and has released six studio albums.

Over the years, Axl Rose appeared on stage hundreds of times and rocked the crowd during his musical career. Also, as some of you might remember, he had toured with the rock band AC/DC when the band’s singer Brian Johnson was forced to left the band due to hearing issues.

However, Guns N’ Roses are back on live stages with their North America Tour with Mammoth WVH after a long plague hiatus. The band had performed its first show on July 31 in Pennsylvania and concluded the tour on October 4 in Florida.

Although some fans felt excited and happy to see Guns N’ Roses live once again, some fans looked very upset because of Axl Rose and his vocal performances. Discussing the musician’s current state of body condition, fans criticized him heavily.

In a video that was shared on YouTube after the band played its Detroit show on August 8, 2021, Guns N’ Roses fans had sent their reaction to Axl Rose and his live performance. In the comment section, people mocked Axl because of his overweight.

Fans Believes Axl Rose Needs To Hire A Nutritionist

Countless Guns N’ Roses fans have commented on the video to share their honest opinion on Axl Rose‘s current voice.

A fan believes that Axl Rose needs to hire a nutritionist and make hard workouts.

“With his millions, he needs to hire a nutritionist and fitness guy,” a fan said in the comment section.

Another fan said he missed the old Axl Rose: “I miss the old Axl…”

A lot of fans compared Axl Rose to Mickey Mouse: “Axl voice like Mickey Mouse,” and, “Wait, wtf is going on? Is he doing the Mickey voice now,” and, “Now I know Axl Rose was the Mickey Mouse voice actor.”

Sean named fan wrote: “My drunk grandmother did a better job at my cousins wedding. not even kidding.”

Later then, a fan commented: “Axl still has his natural range – which is as a low tenor. His high notes are actually in an alto’s range, and he can’t get there in his chest voice anymore. He’s singing in his head voice (falsetto) and that’s never going to sound very ‘rock and roll.’

“I wish they’d bring songs like Jungle down by about 3 whole steps, but I suppose they never will. Again, Axl can still sing – but not as an alto.”

When a fan named Jonathan said, “This song has really been a bad one for Axl so far on this tour… hope he get’s his shit together,” another fan added, “Fekin awful.”

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  1. Axl’s day has come and gone! Who wants to see a geriatric wheeze and moan and try to catch his breath ? Give him his ensure and one a day vitamin and tell him its time for the old folks home !

  2. This is BS! I saw GNR in Milwaukee and they were amazing!! Axl looks great and is still one of the most charismatic performers I have ever seen! His voice was amazing as well, and I have video to prove it!

  3. I think Axl is a damn good singer and the band is amazing. I just WISH they could come to Pittsburgh. I would love to see them 1 time before I’m to old to go.
    KEEP IT UP AXL!!!! You will always be the best of the best.

  4. First off, no one people should judge others. What kind of superficial BS is this all about anyway.

    Second, I saw them in Baltimore recently and they were great. They played close to 3 hours. I’m sure Axels voice is a little different. Our voices change as we get older, but any true fan would appreciate the music.

  5. Times change and people age whether we like it or not. I saw most of the notable heavy bands from 82′ – 95′. Most of them were incredible live and they were much younger, thinner, wilder, etc. I’ve seen a few of these bands in the past ten years. None of them are what they used to be. Now it’s pot bellies, hair dye, faded tattoos, Botox and excuses. It’s pathetic at best and pretty sad to watch unless you’re just trying to hang on to the past.
    A few bands and musicians have adjusted with a change on style like Robert Plant and Ritchie Blackmore for instance. Plant hasn’t hit the high notes in many, many years. Yet, his rich and beautiful voice has found new life in more acoustic based music.
    It comes to reckon whether it’s better to rail at aging in failure or grow and evolve into an older version of one’s self .

  6. Saw them live and they sound AMAZING. He is freaking 60 yrs old, what the hell do you guys expect??? He is not going to sound like he did 30yrs ago, no one does, and those high notes were hard to hit back then, even harder now. His low voice is PERFECT. The guy gives a hell of a show running back and forth for 3 hrs straight. I only have respect for him and the rest of the band. Lastly, my voice was gone the day after the concert from all the singing
    …and I am 35!! Yet he does it again and again at every concert at 60. Much respect!

  7. Wow ! I think they are great past and present. He is far from over weight terrible to be so critical shame people are so judging

  8. My first reaction was ‘bulls**t’, and it would seem most other posters here agree with me.

  9. I don’t understand what the problem is the live singing voice sounds perfectly fine like Axl to me

  10. I have seen Axl recently and he sounds AMAZING and as far as his looks go he is sexier than ever ! He is a HANDSOM man just not an adorable boy Simply the ROSE perfect in every minute of it’s existence

  11. I viewed the video sounds like gnr to me. hey give axe a break he’s older now hell Im 53 and can’t move like that. look every body gets older every things goes south .for his age he done great. don’t hate .appreciate.

  12. Saw them on last show Oct 3rd in FLA with my wife. This is BS because they kicked ASS! Hands down best show I have ever seen and I have loved GNR my whole life. LONG LIVE THE BEST TO EVER DO IT, AXL AND SLASH!!!!!!

  13. Sounds like crap! Talk sing is what’s happening here as it is common with many classic rockers! I cringe when the expected high notes are about to be heard! Pot belly blues! Lol

  14. No what Axel needs is to quit singing He lost his voice years ago you can’t even hear him go listen to a song from a concert on you tube and you can tell sorry I wouldn’t go to a show spend 100 bucks on a band who you can’t even hear

  15. And don’t say he’s older BS cause Def Leppard sounds exactly like they did in 1987

  16. “You wanted the best?!? Well they didn’t fu(kin make it…. So here’s what you get…”
    I highly doubt that anyone commenting has EVER seen them in their prime!! Even back then they were way to drunk and high to sound like what someone would expect! Stop holding every band to an unobtainable experience! If you have played live, you would understand!
    See ya in the pit

  17. I saw then in St. Louis! Was a little afraid of what could happen but they were amazing! Took Axl a couple of songs to find his voice but when he did it was like look out, I’m f**kn back!! Hes still the best, and it seems others agree with me too!!

  18. Axl has a poor attitude that influenced a couple of my ex-friends to complete assholes. I’m not a fan of Axl Rose.

  19. How about….who fucking cares. Are you not entertained….quoting the Gladiator, naturally.

    Here’s an idea; quit projecting what you think someone else should look like or their weight. If you did, you’re the kind of shallow asshole leftover from Hollywood’s coke days….

  20. I saw them on the first run in 2016 and Axl sounded great. Then I saw them again in 2017 and Axl still sounded okay, but not as good as the prior year. He had done the AC/DC gigs in between the 2 shows I saw, and I think that may have wrecked his voice a little. Some of the videos I’ve seen from this most recent run Axl sounds good and in others he sounds awful, and does have the Mickey Mouse voice. I guess he’s just hit n’ miss these days. He is soon to be 60 though.

  21. I put off seeing them for years. Due to Axl’s issues. I saw them last month and couldn’t have been happier. Axl is great but like us all who didn’t live right. We lose what we had. But was he always that great live anyways? He hid a lot with stage prescence. I waited, he was on time, actually sounded decent and Slash and the band were great as always. What more do you want from a 60 year man who lived it?

  22. Axl was pissa. Saw him 8 times. My daughter AlexaRose (after Axl) loves him to. I bet u haters don’t look or sound the same as u did 30 years ago. I know I use to be 120 pounds back then. I’m 154 now. So leave him the fuck alone and stop whinning cuz he’s making millions and ur not. I give him kudos. Cuz he was really messed up. Now he’s clean. Which is not easy to do. So I love him and I don’t give a shit if you people don’t. Try to do what he has done I bet you can’t. You are all Fucking fired

  23. Saw GNR at Allegiant Stadium and and they were awesome!! Axl was a powerhouse and sounded great!! Articles like this are crap!! Couldn’t be happier with experience!

  24. Total BS based in one performance video posted online. I’ve seem them in Chicago, 30 songs for 3.5 hours nonstop. The guy was puking his guts off and still didn’t skip a single chorus. Everything was amazing!

  25. Between Vince Neil and Axl Rose who is doing better? I saw both of them this summer. GNR was at Lucas Oil and Vince Neil was at the State Fair. It is to be expected that you gain some weight and your voice doesn’t sound like it used to when you get older. Also when you do as many drugs as they did that doesn’t help either. Vince’s pitch was all over the place, you could barely understand him, and it was about an hour. Axl had great pitch, his posture was good, and that show lasted about 3 hours and was way better than Vince ever was this summer. It went it the books as one of the best shows I ever saw. If anything Axl should probably give Vince some advice.

  26. I think it’s awesome there back together! I never thought they would be. They all Rock then & now.
    Rock On!!!


  28. Hey People get older and it’s not as easy to cut weight off. For some it’s next to impossible. The man’s done so much for gool ol’ rock-‘n’-roll music, so who cares how much weight he’s put on over the years. I’m sure most of the people making fun of him are a bunch of fat slobs that outweigh him by a ton.

  29. I think people need to Get off there high horse and be thankful they got to even she Axle and Slash on the same stage singing thier greatest hits I know I was when they came to Portland Oregon in August just to know I was there and actually got to see these icons that made music history was the greatest honor and I can tell my grandchild, I seen them live in concert and it was the best night ever… have some freakin respect for these amazing musician should you hope to ever fill those shoes.

  30. Complete bullshit…i saw Guns on August 13th in Missoula Montana and they absolutely blew the roof off including axl…yeah hes not 25 anymore but he ran around the stage for 3 hours in 80 degree weather performing 20 + songs I would love to see anyone at his age do the same thing…

  31. Seriously? Grow up, y’all. People change if you’re afraid of aging then go have your asses frozen. Axl still doing what he does best He still rocking it. Even though he’s getting older he keeps at it. If you still want to see him at 20 and 30 years old go buy a video tape of their music videos and watch it quit acting like Time freezes for you, keep on rocking Axl. I think he sounds awesome.

  32. Pathetic clueless imbeciles criticism judgement is not the definition of comment gumnut cottage is where they belong,guess you cannot put brains in statues Ithe putridity that excretes from mouths of clueless wannabes, disrespectful rats of sewers

  33. I just listened to the concert and it didn’t sound bad to me he seems very Lively his voice seems very good it’s not going to sound like an album you know a lot of magic is done in the studio live concerts are a different story with all the excitement and running around and everything sometimes it’s hard to keep your breath in and hit notes but they sounded perfectly good to me

  34. Total BS.. I just seen them in Dallas and have listened to them nearly all my life 49. AXL was on point in my opinion for 60 yrs old. He and the rest of the band. Sold out stadiums across the nation! Go Listen to Elton Jon does he sound exactly the same as 30 yes ago? Is he as healthy? GNR still rock!!

  35. I saw them in AC and they were amazing Axel lost alot if weight he looks really good and the way he jumps around and actually keeps jumping shows he has a trainer his voice sounds better than it ever did he lost the rasp and it sounds better the whole band are still killer it’s sad, there’s so many haters out there keep on Rocking GNR you are crushing it

  36. Idk what people are talking about!! I saw them this year at their first showing hershey pa. On July 31st. They sounded great just like they did in Philly in 2017!! Axles voice did change but who’s doesn’t after that ma y years at those octaves. You think you can do better than do it!!! Give the guy a break he’s 60

  37. Axl has been washed up for years. I’m surprised anyone goes to GnR anymore. Side note to the writer of this article. Do editors and proofreading not exist anymore?

  38. Wow….wow?! What the heck is wrong with those who are criticizing, Axl?! So what if he’s got a gut. It’s not that big. His voice is still good. And I see mainly positive remarks. There are always going to be negative comments, but most are positive. Sad, this site had to open with negativity. It would be good for him to have a nutritionist, though. It would be good if we all nutritionist. And… Axl is clean too…. it’s a shame for people to say these negative things.

  39. Everyone acts like rock stars aren’t supposed to age, So, quit with the negative comments

  40. He saves his voice for recording. The new songs released prove that he can still sing and as well as ever. Whether it’s right or wrong to give fans a toned down performance should be the question. As far as his weight goes..fat or not he’s Axl fkn Rose. He’s had to worry about his image for 50 years. If he wants to follow taco bell with a nap he’s earned that right.

  41. Are you serious!!!?? The jersey that made comments about his appearance better do some research on the affects of aging and how it slows the metabolism. Ooh so he’d not all trim like backing the day the guy is almost 60. I can’t wait until the shallow jerks that made these comments about Axel to see how it easy it is to keep a perfect body at that age. I certainly hope people insult them how they insulted Axel. Keep it up Axel you rock thanks for all the great music and still trying to keep fans despite how hard it can be at your age but again that’s why you ROCK because your still performing.

  42. I just seen them again in Atlantic City New Jersey. And they were all amazing including axle and he is definitely lost weight during this tour!! rock on GN’F Roses! 🌹 🥀

  43. You know what the really sad part is? There no new talent to take there place.every one is useing computer crap to make there music and the talent level is so low that these last few bands have to hang on untill some new bands arrive to save rock and roll.thae truelly sad part is there is no good bands in sight to carry the flag into the future.god help us rock is truely dieing.

  44. The problem is other promoters just want to bring him down. He is just too much competition. I was so glad to see him live. I had thought it would never happen. Then the band got back together! Don’t listen to fake news, we love hearing you rock out!

  45. I can’t wait to see how you all act and look at that age. It’s really not easy even if you have the proper team for nutrition and work out. It catches you before you know it and if you love what you do it’s very hard to step down. Old age really is a pain in the ass. I still think you’re the greatest Axl. Rock on. If you hate don’t go and see him

  46. My daughter and I went to see them last month in Indiana, he had a hard time singing, but I don’t care, he’s getting older, seeing them was on my bucket list, Slash stole the show, I still love them!!

  47. I just saw them Baltimore recently and they killed it. They played their hearts out(3.5 hours and over 30 somgs)sounded amazing and put on one hell of a show. Axel still got them lungs and witnessing Slash’s guitar skills was awesome. They are still killin it and it was such an honor to see them live!

  48. I love Axl Rose and think aging has played a small part in his voice sounding a little off but I also think it would benefit him a great deal if he would drop 30 lbs. Since he obviously has the money he could easily hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to help get him back into shape. With that being said, I think alot of us just miss the old Axl of his younger years who could sing fantastic while projecting high energy movement all over the stage. But we have to keep in mind that he’s aged and gained a few pounds too just like most of us have. It’s ultimately up to Axl what he decides to do or not do with his body image. I don’t really think he looks that bad but know he would feel better and perform better if he did lose some of the weight but that’s his choice not ours. I’ll love him either way.

  49. Aren’t they allowed to get old along with the rest of us?? Or do you have a portrait of yourself tucked away in your attic? Just saying, nobody stays 25 forever. Never a huge GNR fan but liked them. Get on with it and stop criticism because you can’t handle aging

  50. Axl sounds awesome for his age, first off. I was actually utterly blown away by how good he still sounds considering he has gone through drug and alcohol addiction and being severely overweight at one point. People who critique this guy right now are young people who know nothing about the history of this band and do not acknowledge just how unique and powerful this man’s voice really is. Sure, he is going to have moments where he cannot hit certain notes or his breath runs out, but I will tell you as someone who sings myself, there is no possible way I could ever channel the power that Axl Rose has in his voice. At his age, he is a god amongst men when it comes to singing. He and Rob Halford have stretched the boundaries, Halford being much older and also does not have the range he wants had of course,.. yet still finds a way to put on good performances. Give Axl his due, as he has come a long way from that sad, fat weird looking pseudo pimp phase he went through when he didn’t have Slash or Duff. As far as I’m concerned, Axl’s voice has aged like a fine wine in comparison with many other old school legends. Much respect to Axl and the rest of the boys in guns n’ roses.

  51. People who critiza Axl Rose don’ t have a mind they are criticizing the guy who created a riots after leaving fans hanging in both with the Metallica inciden’t and “thanks to lame as security I’m going home early” incident in the video looks like he is punching the guy. Is a waste of time critizing some one who’s been ” I don’t give a damn about you in life”.

  52. to all posting negative comment should be ashamed. seriously who cares about what axel looks like why cant u just be grateful to see him play and enjoy a little nostalgia ..stop acting so bitter and being negative behind a screen

  53. Really? Ok his voice is t what it used to be. But what were the chances that a man in his 60s could replicate his 20s selfs performance. Is he over weight now? Yeah, not compared to me though and again he’s in his 60s. Also imagine if it was Madonna or Cher getting this kind of attack. The woke yards would be out in force about misogyny. Yet a man in his 60s seems to be an easy target.

  54. I’ve been a fan for 34Years since i was a teen. i love Axl Rose 🌹, he is Amazin and Still sounds and looks Amazin to me❤️ .
    i Just Wish that People would stop slatin him. For how he looks Different .and that is Voice dont sound the same .😔
    I’m goin to see them live nxt year and i cant wait.🙂
    GnR Forever🤘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ .

  55. People age and get older if you think it’s not going to happen to you you’re delusional. I think he’s doing great handsome as ever. And he looks really good you can tell he works out it’s just when you get a certain age it’s harder to get rid of wait and it’s hard to get in shape if y’all going up and down that stage for 2 or 3 hours let’s see how you look doing a good job man keep it up

  56. I just read a comment from a guy saying that he lost his voice during the concert due to singing along and Axel keeps it together despite the fact that he has to do it every night. I’d like to remind everyone who reads this that is a fallacious argument. Why? Because yelling isn’t singing and that’s what one typically does when “singing” along in the crowd. And the fan most likely doesn’t know how to sing with the proper technique to avoid damaging his voice. Axel is a professional musician and as such he has access to vocal coaches which can help him develop the technique that allows him to sing every night without damaging his vocal chords. He doesn’t need a nutritionist. He just needs to live a healthy life style and work on his voice. Lots of professional singers maintain the same level of performance throughout their careers because they keep working on their voices with their coaches. Axel isn’t that type of person to do that and neither are most rockers ( Myles Kennedy is one of those expectations, though.). It is what it is. The band still rocks but Axel’s voice can’t relay that anger anymore because he’s not been working on his vocal skills over the past decades. Don’t like it? Don’t go to one of their shows. It’s that simple. Axel is not responsible for your high expectations. You should have gone into the experience knowing that axel won’t perform like he did 30 years ago. Even Slash doesn’t play like he did 30 years ago. They’re not the type of musicians to sit down every day and work on their technique.

  57. Axl is not overweight, saying he is, is laughable. Is he in the shape he was when he was 27? Of course not he is 60 years old now and he looks damn good for somebody who is 60 and still gives a great performance.

  58. If you don’t like how he sounds don’t f’n go see them!! Period! I see them alot over the years and axl sounds phenomenal every time! I went to 3 shows this past tour and I wasn’t disappointed (Hershey, east Rutherford and Atlantic city)I understand we all have opinions but like stated earlier in story he’s 59!! In closing ill see them every time I can and I’m sure others will also so stop hating on him and enjoy live music since it’s been awhile since we were able to go to concerts

  59. Are you all haters who hate to love or lovers who love to hate?? Jealousy is not a redeeming quality…. If you want to hear it sound like the studio recordings perhaps you should save the concert ticket price and listen to the CDs….if you want a true rock show from the soul go see GNR rock in roll!! 💯the experience is in the expresion of the musicians the spontinatity creativity and NOT sounding exactly as thier CD!! BTW for 59 hes so fine 😎🥰🌹 just saying 😸

  60. Yet he can play and sing 3+ hour sets. I’d like to see some of the naysayers that can’t even stand up for that long. I saw GNR in 2019 and 2021. I thought they sounded great and was pleasantly surprised. Of course way back in the day Axle was thinner, scrawny or whatever, but hopefully now drug free and healthier than ever.

  61. I saw G & R back in 1993, and see them again in 2021 at Fenway Park in Boston, they were amazing in 1993 and are still amazing now, Axl can still sing like hell and has a charisma about him, he still Rocks it, is there a little jealousy, I mean after all Axl is 60, looks and sounds great, actually the whole band does!!

  62. I think axl is still doing well for himself, he is not the sexy boy toy anymore but rather a simple man who is changing with the times like we all
    Axl may need to loose weight and hire a nutritionist but that’s in him. Who are we to say what he should and shouldn’t do. I still think he is a well respected musician.

  63. 3hr 25 minute shows running around he isnt in bad shape. Getting older yes but into his new style. Seen them twice this year had a blast each time.

  64. i seen him live in Minneapolis/St. Paul and he was everything and more that I expected!!!! Taking WVH under his wing and letting him open for him AND THEN INVITE HIM OUT TO SING WITH HIM was truly so amazing!!!!!! #GNR 4ever!!!

  65. He is old he is fat and his singing voice is gone. The most shame of it all is all the prime years wasted with some idiot who had a bucket of chicken on his head. They could have been one of the best ever. But no, Mr. Ego.

  66. Ok, how many people in their almost 60 looks like they was 20 or 30??? NOBODY! all of you haters will wish to look so nice as Axl is when you get his age… Maybe they never gonna get it!!! This article sucks!

  67. WAR…… I saw GNR twice n the last 3yrs they sounded amazing. I hope wen I’m 60 I can still run around & sing on the stage lik tht

  68. Leave the guy alone. He is trying to make a come back. We all want Axle to be at his best. Look up his past history, starting from a child he has survived more than you or I could. And he is doing well.
    The same problem the world has too much judgement and not enough support.

  69. The problem here isn’t Axl… it’s the people in the current society with way too many unreasonable expectations of others, and then pass judgement upon others when those expectations are not met Shame on all of you who do that to anyone and everyone, attacking them and stripping them of their dignity!
    For those that think they know what dignity is, but don’t… Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. It is of significance in morality, ethics, law and politics as an extension of the Enlightenment-era concepts of inherent, inalienable rights.
    In other words it’s called Universal Human Rights!!! Respect!!! maybe the song “civil war” needs to be broadcast again, eh?
    Axl, I got your back bro., but what I would do now is this… Remember the person that taught you how to hold that note? She made you into a superstar. Find her. Show her the Rose that she watched grow for the last 30 years. Thank her, and ask her for suggestions.
    Yup, its what I would do!
    Take care, Axl.
    C-ya next time, GnR !
    p.s. yeah, we have the same name, Axl.

  70. You know the same fans on here who are so quick to judge Axl , will be the same ones crying if he wasn’t here anymore about where did he go we finally get the guy back and true fans like myself are so grateful to have him you people should just shut up and be quiet and be grateful the guys even here at all. What this band had to go through to bring them back together to each other and work out their problems and unite and be able to move forward is such an amazing thing to overcome and this amazing story in itself. I think Axl sounds great , along with the rest of the band of course he doesn’t sound like what he used to the guy is 60 years old like so many others said before me he’s singing for 3 hours a night from one gig to the next, give the guy a break. I would love to meet the people on here criticizing this man like you’re so perfect and you could do a better job give me a break! Lmao 🤣 I guarantee you you couldn’t touch him in a live concert between how nervous you would be and your voice to sing that long the next day I couldn’t even open up my mouth and speak and this guy goes on to sing time and time again at his age he’s doing the best with what he has and as he goes on and performs longer and longer he’s going to get better and better shape anyway and his voice is going to retrain itself you have to understand the guy didn’t perform with his band for over 20 years! All I know is Axl , I love you guys you rock I’m a fan forever and always will be you are my childhood teenage years , and still now into my 40s always going to be here for you! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🖖

  71. I loved AXEL ROSE since I was 15!!!
    He’ll 60 yrs or not….he’s my husband and don’t even know yet !!
    Even at 60….if I had once in lifetime CHANCE..I’D HAVE HIS BABY IF HE WANTS ONE !!

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