Dee Snider on Dave Grohl: “I’ve Got So Much Admiration For Him And Respect”

In a new interview with The Jasta Show, Dee Snider talked about Foo Fighters bandleader Dave Grohl and paid his respect for the musician by making praising comments for him and his music.

When he started to his words, Snider expressed his admiration for Grohl. He touched on Probot, which is a heavy metal side project of Foo Fighters guitarist and lead-singer Dave Grohl, and said that he is a fan of metal.

When the interviewer asked if there any celebrities he would like to meet, Snider said: “Dave Grohl. I’ve got so much admiration for him and respect, a true fan of metal. That Probot record – that is so good.

“If people don’t know of Probot, Dave is a fan of hardcore metal. He got all those great vocalists, and just created this album, wrote songs with them, produced them, recorded them…

“I’m just dying to say, ‘Dude, just tell me I was on the list!’ I’m hoping that I didn’t make the cut but have a feeling that if you liked that stuff, then you liked ‘Under the Blade,’ at least that, and maybe had a bleeding thought for a minute, ‘Dee Snider…? Hm, no, no…’

“Because he had other people like Lemmy, Max [Cavalera], and all these great metal vocalists are on there.”

Concluding his words, Snider recalled his live performance with Foo Fighters members.

“I’ve performed with all these guys when they do the Chevy Metal thing, I’ve performed with the Chevy Metal guys, but I’ve never met Dave. We are both coffee junkies.”

Watch the entire interview below.

Dee Snider Future Plans

Dee Snider – (image: Scott Smith)

Dee Snider is very excited about the future of music and for his plans.

As you might remember, Snider took to his official Twitter account on June 5 to say that is realized that he still needed to rock.

In early June, Snider went on to2 the stage to rock out with the crowd who came to see him after all those plague days.

At the time, he said that he did his final show almost two years ago, and then the COVID-19 plague hit the world, adding: “I realized I had something to say. I realized I still NEEDED to rock. So today I head into rehearsals for the first time in a while. Fully vaccinated we will rock like it’s 2019!

“When I walked into rehearsal yesterday, after almost two years apart, the band and I did what was natural for friends to do, we hugged each other,” he added. “No fear of Covid. We are all 100% vaccinated!! It was amazing!!”

Later that, a person mentioned the retirement of Snider. He quoted her tweet and shared his thoughts about retirement. He made exciting comments for the future.

“When I speak of ‘retirement’ I’m referring to recording & doing live shows,” Snider tweeted. “I have a number of other creative ventures like my first fiction novel (done), directing my 1st movie (start this january), producing a new children’s animated show, etc. I’m not stopping being creative!”

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