Former Iron Maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley Praises Bruce Dickinson

In a new appearance on Eon Music, Blaze Bayley, known as the 5-year vocalist of the world-famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has talked about the Iron Maiden‘s legendary member Bruce Dickinson and praised him. While he was asked about the songs that Bruce plays right now but originally sang from himself, Blaze mentioned his relationship with Bruce Dickinson.

When the interviewer asked, “What is it like for you now when you see Iron Maiden performing the songs that you originally sang, on their global ‘Legacy of the Beast’ trek?”, Blaze Bayley replied:

“It’s fantastic. I absolutely love Bruce Dickinson’s voice; he’s been a great supporter of me, before, during and after Iron Maiden. His voice is one of the hallmark voices of metal; that’s the epitome of what heavy metal singing is.”

Blaze revealed that Bruce said to him that he had no problems in singing the songs Blaze sang from his era. He also said that he’s so lucky to be part of that “The Sign of the Cross” and “The Clansman” are in the setlist of Iron Maiden.

“Bruce always said that he had no problems whatsoever in singing anything from my era, and for me, what is very cool is that those two albums are obviously considered as important as other albums in the Iron Maiden catalog.

“And the fact that these two huge, beautiful songs feature in the Iron Maiden setlist now, is just fantastic, and I’m so lucky to be a part of that.”

Blaze Bayley rocked the stage with the heavy metal legends Iron Maiden between 1994-1999.

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