Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Recalls Steve Harris’ Harsh Words For Him

Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley recalled a moment that the band’s bassist Steve Harris told harsh words for him.

Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band formed in 1975 by Steve Harris. During its ongoing career, Iron Maiden released 17 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 20 video albums, 4 EPs, 13 live albums, 5 box sets, and many more.

Also, Blaze Bayley was a member of the Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999. He recorded two studio albums with the band throughout his career. In 1998, he performed on the band’s tenth studio effort, The Factor X. Later, he recorded their eleventh studio effort, Virtual XI.

Recently, the musician recalled his tenure with Maiden while interviewing on The ’80s Glam Metalcast. At first, the musician mentioned Bruce Dickinson and said he’s incredibly influential in the world of metal. He also admitted that he was scared that he never get Bruce‘s spot. Later, he said that Maiden chose him in the audition because he was different.

“I was shocked,” Bayley said. “My voice was so different, I thought, ‘I’ll never get this spot, what am I going to do?’ It’s an audition of 10 songs that were all in the set like ‘Fear of the Dark,’ ‘The Trooper,’ ‘Hallowed be thy Name,’ ‘Wrathchild.’

“And I thought, ‘You know what? For an hour, I’m in Iron Maiden. I’m the lead singer of Iron Maiden.’ And that’s how I approached the audition.

“I thought, ‘There’s nothing else I can do now. No more preparation, it’s over. If I mess up, that’s it, I mess up, there’s no way around it.’ So I thought, ‘You know what? I’m just going to be the singer of Iron Maiden for an hour, and no one can take that away from me.’

“And I knew all the drum parts because I was a huge fan – and the guitar solos, and the arrangements – really really well, because I loved Iron Maiden.”

Bayley Adds It Was Incredible To Sing In Iron Maiden

Bayley has also revealed what it was like to sing in Iron Maiden at the time and recalled Steve Harris‘ harsh words for him.

“I felt I did OK at the audition, and then there was a second audition where they record your voice to see how you’re going to be in the studio, which is very, very sensible,” Bayley adds.

“I said to Steve Harris at the time, ‘Will I be able to get a tape of this, me singing with the backing track of the band?’

“And he said, ‘Well if you don’t get it, we’ll send you a tape of the bloke that did,’, which I thought was very harsh.

“A few weeks later, out of the blue, I got a phone call, ‘You’re in, come to a meeting.’ And that was it.

“And it was just a rollercoaster. So intense. And one of the things that Steve said to me was, ‘There is no music written for the next album. I don’t care who writes the songs as long as they’re great songs. If they’re great, they’re going on the album.’

“And it was incredible, really. There I was, a new guy in the band, able to use my creativity with the experience that I had, and the vast experience that Steve Harris and the rest of the guys had, to create some great songs that I think have stood the test of time.”

Back in this past April, Bayley had admitted that replacing with Bruce Dickinson surprised him.

“[Wolfsbane was] still limping along,” Blaze said. “I had the offer to go for an audition for Iron Maiden. Then, I don’t know why, they offered me the job. I’m so different to Bruce – I mean, just so different – in my presentation, voice, everything. But I think they wanted a change, and they offered me the job.

“So I left Wolfsbane at that point and went on to the greatest job in the world for a heavy metal singer. So it was fantastic – an incredible time. I don’t know why they chose me, but they did.”

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  1. What I don’t understand is after their two best albums since Iron Maiden and Number of the Beast so many Maiden fans wanted Bruce back, no discredit to Bruce who is a great singer too but the reason Brave New World was a great album because you can hear Blaze’s influence, it would have been even better if he sung on it, same with Dance of Death but the Blaze influence is failing, there hasn’t been a really good album since.

  2. You’re one of the few people who actually thinks those two albums with Blaze were the best ones they’ve done since NotB. Utterly hilarious thought. Maiden is still making amazing records, and Blaze was by far the least favorite of all the Maiden vocalists.

  3. The X Factor was decent album but Virtual Xl very weak and since Bruce came back have gone on to make some amazing albums. Also can’t see where Bayleys influence on BNW is strange comment.

  4. @LeRoy KinCaid Jajajajaja!!! You’re either VERY High, or Trolling us! Blaze’s Maiden albums the best since ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Number’??? I mean, who even picks the debut over ‘Killers’? Maiden haven’t done a decent album since BNW??? What about Dance of Death? A Matter Of Life And Death? You lost all Credibility bro. Nice try though…

  5. Blaze is a great vocalist, don’t get me wrong, but was the worst vocalist Maiden have ever had. BNW is a masterpiece, and has zero influence from Blaze. Adrian and Steve wrote most of the album, just like the 5 after it.



  6. Blaze’s stuff with iron maiden – i mean there are albums i love more than the virtuals but they get pretty regular rotation in my house. It’s becoming hard to say the same about Final Frontier.

  7. The reason why Blaze got the job was because he was in wolfsbane that Steve Harris was a fan of and had helped on a couple of there albums and took them on tour, but ultimately Maiden couldn’t replace Bruce and Bruce had his success going solo and both decided to get back together and the rest is history, as Mcbane says at the end of the “Brave New World” album ” Ive Fucking Missed This”

  8. God forbid you have an opinion different from someone else. I prefer the first two Maiden Albums over the next two because they are raw.
    Yes, Bruce took the next two to another level so why not attack me for my opinion? Easy to do from behind your keyboard.

  9. LeRoy KinCaid…. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. It’s great you like those albums, more power to you, but if you really feel this way your grasp on actual reality is tenuous at best. The Blaze albums can hardly be called Iron Maiden albums, and for the most part haven’t risen to the level of music that can be considered to “stand the test of time” as described by Blaze. Those albums are a footnote in the history of Iron Maiden, and are not considered a high point. During that time Iron Maiden toured through my home town and were relegated to playing in a local bar. Two years before that they were selling out the enormo-dome. I was so put off by Blaze I didn’t even go, and Maiden are my favorite band (less the Blaze era.) You’re so far off base I have to commend you for an epic troll. Cheers!

  10. All the Blaze songs, they’ve played since Dickinson’s return- Clansman, Man On The Edge, Lord Of The Flies, Sign Of The Cross….all sound like they were written for Bruce!
    It coulda been different if Harris had allowed the band to tune down so Blaze didn’t have to try and match Bruce’s range. Both Blaze records sound (marginally better) with hindsight.
    Smallwood and Harris can be fucking ruthless sometimes, hence why Bailey got dropped like a hot shite as soon as Harris and Smith returned.
    The post 2000 records have all had some great songs and the two latest ones have been killer.
    Whatever, still my all time favourite band and there’s life in them yet!


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