Ex-Dream Theater Star Mike Portnoy Reveals One Of The Greatest Days Of His Life

One of the most successful drummers in the metal community, Mike Portnoy, best known as the 25-year drummer of the American progressive metal band Dream Theater, has recently shared a new post for his son Max Portnoy and celebrated his birthday in a special way.

In the post he shared, Mike combined total of 14 photos and show his fans the rare moments they ever lived.

“21 years ago today was one of the greatest days of my life…my little mini-me was born! Happy 21st Birthday Max Portnoy!!!! I could not be prouder of the man (and drummer) you have become!! I love U Buddy,” Mike wrote in the caption of the post he shared.

Also, in the comments of the photo, Mike replied to a fan’s comment about Max Portnoy. A fan named Flynn asked Mike why Max Portnoy is so good.

“Must be the genres,” Mike answered. Also, he added a smiley emojis at the end of his sentence.

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