Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (cover A TRIBO)

8,6M views on YouTube!

Metallica’s Master of Puppets in Crazy Downpour

When the American heavy metal band Metallica played in Manchester, England was as we know it. Rain had met with Metallica on the stage...

Motörhead – Whiplash (Metallica Cover)

British heavy metal band Motörhead playing Metallica's Whiplash. We listening this amazing cover from Motörhead founder, lead singer and bassist Lemmy's great voice. You can...

AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Lord of the Rings Edition)

  Denethor is a rockstar in this video. He shows everyone how the songs in middle-earth should be played.

David Ellefson Says He is the Biggest Fan of Ian Hill

Megadeth's David Ellefson recently spoke to Metal Underground's Diamond Oz and said that he is the biggest fan of Ian Hill. In an interview...

Ghost – Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover)

Let's watch Swedish metal band Ghost's Enter Sandman cover.

Trivium – I Don’t Wanna Be Me (Type O Negative Cover)

Trivium's Type O Negative cover "I Don't Wanna Be Me" has been released today. Trivium's Corey Beaulieu made interesting comments about cover. He said...

Machine Head’s First Do Or Die Live Performance

Machine Head performed its new song Do Or Die for the first time at Gasometer in Vienna, Austria on October 16th. The live performance...

Reality of ”Spit Out the Bone”

Spit Out The Bone is part of Metallica's Hardwired album. In fact, the original version of the song is longer than 10 minutes. In...

Lies of Love – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)

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