Bruce Dickinson Gets Angry At Iron Maiden Fans: “Nobody Has To Buy A Ticket”

Bruce Dickinson Gets Angry At Iron Maiden Fans: "Nobody Has To Buy A Ticket"

Bruce Dickinson has mentioned the thing his band Iron Maiden decided to make during its live shows in 2022 and claimed that the diehard fans “will probably love” what they’ll do. He also got angry at some Iron Maiden fans who would go to shows to hear the greatest hits of the band.

Bruce Dickinson gained international fame for being a member of Iron Maiden. At first, he had joined the band in 1981 after Iron Maiden parted ways with its third vocalist Paul Di’Anno. He rocked the stage until he left the band in 1993 to concentre his solo career when the tensions grew up. In 1999, he rejoined the band and still rocks since then.

Lately, Bruce Dickinson‘s Iron Maiden is preparing itself to rock its fans during the 2022 leg of Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast tour. As you know, the tour is scheduled to kick off in May. In the tour, Iron Maiden targets to play a decades-spanning setlist of fan favorites.

During a recent appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Bruce Dickinson detailed what they are planning to do during Iron Maiden’s 2022 shows. Clarifying a fact about the setlist of the shows, Dickinson made comments that might excite fans. According to him, Iron Maiden is planning to play the entire Senjutsu album in 2022, and it will make diehard Iron Maiden fans happy.


“The plan we’ve got — it’s not really a secret; I think everybody else has chatted about it — we will, I hope, we’ve talked about doing the entire [‘Senjutsu’] album start to finish, but not this time around,” Dickinson says.

“And we all appreciate that that is something that really diehard fans will probably love and other people will go, ‘Hmmm, I’m not gonna go see that.’

“So the answer is you play smaller venues so that they sell out with just your diehard fans. ‘Cause it’s a musical thing to do — it’s a musical thing.”

Bruce Dickinson Gets Angry At Some Iron Maiden Fans

Later then, Bruce Dickinson showed off his emotions against Iron Maiden fans who expect to watch Iron Maiden while they are playing the greatest hits of them. Dickinson got angry when addressing the fact that his band infuriated fans by forcing them to sit through while they were introducing the fourteenth studio album, A Matter Of Life And Death, on tour in 2006.

“Nobody has to buy a ticket,” he says. “If you don’t wanna go [see us play an entire new album live], you don’t buy a ticket. It’s gonna be plain as the nose on your face.

“This is gonna be what they’re gonna do. So given that, don’t complain that they did what they said they were gonna do.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Dickinson went on to clarify what Iron Maiden fans should do before their 2022 shows. Saying that fans should know the first three tracks of Senjutsu, Bruce Dickinson claimed that the album’s self-titled song is a dramatic song.


“The ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ tour, people have all paid their money to see the ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ show, with Spitfires and flamethrowers and Icarus and everything that goes with,” he reveals. “So they’re gonna get all that.

“But the first three tracks are probably gonna be the first three tracks on the album. ‘The Writing On The Wall’ they already know, so everybody should know the first three tracks.

“And I just think the [title track] ‘Senjutsu’ is just such a great opening song — so dramatic.

“And then once you’ve done that — and we’ll have a stage set to go with it — once you’ve done that, you’re back to the kind of ‘Legacy’ world at that point. But I think ‘The Writing On The Wall’ is gonna be a great song — I mean, a crowd singalong song. You can imagine that. It’ll be fantastic.”

Bruce Dickinson Respects His Band’s Fans

Bruce Dickinson has much respect for his band Iron Maiden’s fans. Back in September 2021, Dickinson had said about them that they are like plywood, which gets a new layer every year. During the interview, he had also said that Iron Maiden touches from generation to generation.


“I can’t speak for every individual Iron Maiden fan, obviously, and I can’t imagine what each of them is individually thinking and what kind of nuance they get out of what we do,” Dickinson says. “‘Cause I think people get different things out of different parts of what we do.

“So some fans will really zone in on some bits. Some of the kind of rhythmic things that we do, some people will be big fans of that; some people will be big fans of Adrian’s guitar; some people will be nuts about vocals and therefore they’ll follow some of my solo stuff.

“You’ve got all kinds of shades of opinion, but they all congregate around a central core, which is, ‘Yeah, it’s Iron Maiden, stupid.’ That’s it.

“I would say that Iron Maiden fans are a little bit like plywood — we get a new layer every year, and they all just stick together, so eventually we get a table that’s, like, ten feet thick.

“And people are going, ‘How did you end up with a table ten feet thick?’ I said, ‘We just never lost a layer.’

“And, of course, we’ve got people that started in 1983, ’84, and we’ve got people that started in the year 2000, 2005, 2015 — generations and generations.”


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  1. You’re old, your boring, you stink. Time to drag your rusty, dusty tired and crusty ass off into the sunset.

  2. I’ve been a maiden fan back since the 80’s
    Dieing for them to do are uk tour!!!! The hammers need to come back the their routes, 17th album is brilliant seven son, number of the beast, power slave peace of mind

  3. Maybe giving British fans a chance to see the band up and down the country might be a good idea. But as usual we are short changed.

  4. Godam Bruce the older you get the more of a pain in the balls you have become. That new album really sucks by the way

  5. Dude nobody wants to hear a new album for the first time at a concert when you listen to a new album you want to sit and listen and analyze it when you are at a concert you want to hear something you’re familiar with something you could jump up and down to. Just sounds like you’re selfish “screw what the fans want this is what I want. I already have your money.”

  6. I agree with Jamie ☝🏻. I saw the first 4 tour’s I.M. made in the state’s starting with “Killer’s”. They opened for Priest on “Killer’s ” & ” Number of the Beast ” & the 1st time I saw them is the most memorable because I love Paul DiAnno & those 1st 2 albums + ” Madien in Japan “!

    I read a similar article yesterday & looked to see when they were coming near me. They’re playing the Worcester Centrum & I went to buy some tickets for the show until I saw the prices.

    For a nosebleed seat $120 & a semi decent seat $380!! No wonder the fans are pissed when they don’t hear “Children of the Damn! ” The most expensive ticket I bought to see I.M. was the Poweslave tour at $12.50 that’s about $25 today. And it didn’t have all the bullshit add ons of handling & processing fees.

    I still go to shows in fact I just saw King Buffalo & that ticket was $14 with the fees! I won’t go see any band from my youth if they charge me more than $40. Fuck them!! I saw them when they were at their peak & they’re not going to squeeze me for any money!!

  7. Its Amazing how ppl fink thy av a right 2say dat summits 2old or summit stinks or summit costs 2much nowadays 1 we all get old d trick is 2trick yrslf whn u know ur gettn there! N until U r gettn there u aint gota clue how yr goa deal with it but if yr doing summit right , den do it til u drop! Nothing better lookn on stage like an ole school Rocker , n as 4moaning bout d price of a ticket, is it a hundred n summit their askn!? No?! N its not past £50?! No?! Den who’s complaining!!?? Well Done Iron Maiden n why NoT!! Happy Days!! I myslf wldnt b able 2go see em, so if u got legs 2dance n stand 2these guys do it, cos New shit always appns but d old sounds dat tickled yr childhood wont stop yr heart skip dat beat of memories

  8. Basically wot im tryn 2say is dont’cha fink dat its an awkward situation at d mo n yet their still prepared 2do it n yes prices in decades 2anyfng nowadays has soared, not blooming surprising thou is it!?! Everyfng in d cupboards has gone up some time ago n nobody said much cos not many ppl were affected until recently we’ve all realised dat our economy is doing wot its doing??!! Really??!! U’ve only jus noticed!?!

  9. Rudie I’ve been following maiden since the 80s and have seen them a few times as well but at a price of £127 well that’s were I say no, everyone has a choice and an opinion so don’t be sagging people off as you don’t know their personal or financial situation.

  10. Thanks for the warning bruce, you are right “nobody has to buy a ticket” and we won’t, ya bleedy fųğģįņ çųņţ. Ciao👋👋

  11. Hahaha these “fans” are crying about songs they can’t actually name not being played and hearing two year old songs for the first time at a show.
    And of course one that wants the band to spring a guy that worked for them in the 70s from rehab and have him sing the 15 songs he worked on, like he’d be able to. There’s a fun show.

  12. Well we know who aren’t the die hard Maiden fans. Bunch of whining bitches. 🤘🎸🖤💀 Love ya Bruce!! 2022

  13. Rudie, whatever you wrote is painful to try to read. Write normally. Either way, I’m not sure that doing a brand new album front to back is a good thing. I think that fans want to hear a broad spectrum of tunes from their vast catalog. Do a couple of new tunes or maybe the first side. Have fun on the tour and maybe I’ll see you in the States.

  14. When they played the new album back in 2006 it was at a discounted price. So to the guy that said “nobody wants to hear a new album in concert.” You’re wrong. Casual fans might not want to hear a new album at the concert. But it was only 25 bucks to go see maiden. And if the new album thing isn’t a surprise then wtf?
    I think people should be allowed to do what they want to do, and not have to listen to people like you that think they deserve to tell other people what to do. Like, you know something? If you’re so smart why don’t you go make your own band, and then you can play the same setlist for 40 years straight. Try it man since you seem to think you know everything.
    I’m against censorship. So you have the right to be wrong and be a dumbass and say what you want. Just as much as maiden has the right to play the songs they want. Like…. it wasn’t good enough for you that they’re doing two tours, one for greatest hits and one for the new album at smaller venues. And they tour all the time too. That’s the part that I thought was lame. You’re such a rule meister that you can’t even allow for two tours. That’s why u dumb lol

  15. I agree with Metal momma , and they are not die hard fan bitchin ‘and moanin’ like babies in need of a feeding. Love ya Maiden , always. Hope to see you again and soon!

  16. I’ve been hooked on Maiden since Powerslave. I have diverse musical tastes, but they have always been my go-to when I want a metal fix. I saw them on the last Legacy tour, I already have my tix for the upcoming Legacy tour and I will most definitely be at the Senjutsu tour. This new album is epic. Some will crucify me for saying this, but I find it to be a more enjoyable listen than Seventh Son. Bruce is right – They’ve been doing this legacy tour since 2018 (hitting many areas twice) so if you want to live in the 80’s or 90’s, you’ve had ample opportunity.

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