Queen Star Brian May Shows His Rare-Known Hobby, Fans Surprised

British rock legends Queen’s epic guitarist Brian May has just updated his official social media to reveal his rare-known side and showed Moon’s epic appearance with a photo taken behind his telescope.

In the post shared by Brian May, he was showing Moon’s New Moon status. He took it very nicely and showed his talent once again.

Brian May included the following article to describe the moment:

“On my roof. A beautiful ‘waxing crescent’ Moon tonight. We used to call this a ‘New Moon’. So new and sharp shiny, it does give a feeling of new hope. Just for the record, and to annoy you all, astronomers apply the term ‘New Moon’ to the moment when the Moon is closest to being in a direct line between the Earth and the Sun – and so is invisible!

“On the rare occasions when the Moon is EXACTLY lined up between us and the Sun, it will (obviously!) eclipse the Sun. ‘Waxing’ is an old English world for ‘increasing’ – and is the opposite of ‘Waning.’ We only see a waning crescent on an early morning before sunrise, when the Moon has passed through Full, and the illumination has diminished to a crescent again. The next one of those will be visible in about 3 weeks time.”

While poses attracting great interest from the fans, many of them wrote as a comment that Brian May is one of the talented musicians of all time. They also thanked him for sharing those moments.

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