Black Sabbath Legend Ozzy Osbourne’s Rare-Known Bizarre Moment Revealed

The English heavy metal band Black Sabbath‘s legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne has just updated his official social media account and revealed one of the bizarre moments of himself.

In the photo he shared, Ozzy Osbourne put a traffic cone on his head and posed with it while walking down the street with his white outfit. Ozzy, who we always know him with his happiness, had even done what he would do with the traffic cone. Also, in the caption of the photo, Ozzy mentioned the social distancing and continued to support it.

Ozzy Osbourne sent the photo with following words: “It’s getting wacky now… #Isolation #StayHome #Ozzy #SaferAtHome #SocialDistancing”

In the comments of the photo, the fans expressed that Ozzy is one of the legendary names in the metal community. They also wrote that he is funny.

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