Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy Touches The Music Style Of Slash: “It’s More From-The-Hip”

During an appearance on Guitar World, Myles Kennedy, known as the vocalist of the American rock band Alter Bridge, has talked about the music styles of Alter Bridge, Guns N’ Roses bassist Slash, and his solo efforts.

When the interviewer said his career rotates between Slash‘s solo projects, his band Alter Bridge and his own solo efforts, if he the same Myles Kennedy, the successful musician replied:

“There are different little sides of me that I get to explore in the various projects, which is really great. I think that what I do with Alter Bridge is definitely different from what I do with Slash. And that goes for the music as well as the lyrics.”

He mentioned the music style of Alter Bridge, Slash, and his solo efforts. Myles also stated that he loves the difference between the projects. He explained why he loves so much.

“Alter Bridge is more introspective, these songs that take you on some kind of journey; with Slash, it’s more from-the-hip and about not taking yourself too seriously. With my solo album, lyrically that was about as heavy as you’re gonna get.

“So these projects are all very different and I love that. If they were all similar it would become redundant, and not only would I get bored but I think the fans would get bored.”

Myles also said he is lucky to do this and explained why he thinks like that.

“I’m really lucky because I’ve been able to carve out these little areas musically that I can step into and explore every few years, then shut the door and go into the next room and do that for a while. It’s definitely a luxury.”

Alter Bridge has released its sixth studio album named Walk the Sky on October 18, 2018, via Napalm Records.

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