Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss Sends A Stunning Pose To Celebrate Special Season

The talented guitarist Nita Strauss, known for the touring guitarist of the rock legend Alice Cooper, has just updated her social media account with a stunning photo and celebrated the Halloween Season.

In a recent post shared on her official Instagram account, Nita Strauss sent an epic pose of her and squad’s leader, Alice Cooper, aka The Godfather of Shock Rock. We can easily understand that the pose belongs to past Halloween Season because there was a pumpkin on stage.

When the photo has been detailed, Nita Strauss and Alice Cooper were in the same photo. While Nita Strauss was looking across to the crowd and mesmerizing them with her performance, Alice Cooper was behind her and looking somewhere.

Speaking about her excitement about the Halloween Season, Nita stated that he is sad because she couldn’t play a Halloween show this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. She also asked her fans what they will wear on Halloween.

Nita Strauss penned the following letter to live the moment:

“It is officially HALLOWEEEEEEN SEASON!!!!! What’s the consensus- are we all dressing up this year? I was so looking forward to trying to top last year’s Gomez and Morticia costumes but it seems like we might be all dressed up with nowhere to go but the Gram.

“If you’re dressing up- what are you going as?⁣ I’m going to be so sad not having a Halloween show this year!!

“I had this photo saved on my phone with no credit- let me know if it’s yours! (and sorry about the cruel crop, @ryanroxie).”

You can find Nita’s social media post below.

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