Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss’ Masked Photo Revealed: “Well, It’s Official”

The 33-year-old American rock musician Nita Strauss, best known as the touring guitarist of the Alice Cooper, has just updated her official social media account with a statement and announced that the first leg of the Alice Cooper USA/Canada tour has been postponed.

In the post shared by Nita Strauss, there was her stage-mate Alice Cooper and they were wearing a mask. Also, in the lower-left corner of the post, the “Wash your hands” gif was looping.

You can read the statement below.

“Well, it’s official. As most of you have probably predicted, the first leg of the Alice Cooper USA/Canada tour has officially been postponed to the fall.

“You guys all know how much we were looking forward to getting back out there on the road and playing for you, but the health and safety of the fans, band and our hard working crew has to come first. We’ll be back just as soon as we can.”

Nita also touched on the huge damage caused by shows that were canceled or postponed due to coronavirus and called fans to support the bands.

“In the meantime, as so many others have posted- your favorite bands and musicians have all just had the majority of their livelihoods vanish in the last few days. So if you have a band or artist you love and want to support, please think about doing a little online merch shopping, checking out a Patreon page, or just buying an album on iTunes to give those bands a boost!”

She gave details about her solo projects and said the new music will be coming in this year.

“The silver lining here is that I’m going to use this time to complete work on Album 2. So new music will DEFINITELY be coming in 2020!! If you want to follow the progress and hear clips of what I’m working on, check the link in my bio.”

Also, the legendary musician Alice Cooper has recently announced that they forced to postpone their Spring 2020 North American tour, which scheduled between March 31 – April 22, due to the current concerns regarding COVID-19. The rescheduled dates of the tour will be announced as soon as possible. You can read the statement below.

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