Alice Cooper Makes Encouraging Comments About Coronavirus: “Keep Fighting”

Speaking about his new single “Don’t Give Up,” which about the world-threat coronavirus, Alice Cooper made encouraging comments about the issue and explained how he decided to release a track while the whole world struggles with the coronavirus.

With a recent video he added to his social media accounts, Alice Cooper broke silence on COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, once again and called out to people who lost their hope.

Here’s what he said about his new single “Don’t Give Up” and coronavirus (transcribed by MetalCastle):

“This song was totally born out of consequence. No one expected the whole world to be stopped by a microscopic germ. And I thought it was time that Alice write a song that was encouraging.

“It’s a scary world right now and we’ve lost a lot of people and a lot of people have been sick and we’ve just seen how helpless we can be. And my idea was encouragement. We’re stronger than this thing; we’re tougher than that; we’re the human race. So don’t fear it. Don’t give up. Keep fighting.

“To me, that was the whole idea of the song. Let’s not step off the ledge. Let’s all be on the same game here. And at the same time, we’ll beat it. It just takes time, that’s all. But it shows how something so small can stop an entire world. Pretty interesting.”

Alice Cooper released the new single “Don’t Give Up” through his YouTube channel with an announcement made on May 15.

About three weeks before the release of the song, Alice Cooper shared the lyrics of the track with people and asked them to record and send any words in the lyrics to him to be included in the music video.

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