Sting Says The Beatles Is The Reason He Is A Musician: “They Were An Amazing Influence On All Of Us”

Sting Says The Beatles Is The Reason He Is A Musician: "They Were An Amazing Influence On All Of Us"

The English musician Sting has looked back on his early days in the musical community and sent praising words for the rock band The Beatles saying that they were a huge influence on all of the musicians.

Sting had achieved his international fame as a member of The Police from 1977 to 1984. Appearing in every one of The Police albums, Sting was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the band.

After The Police announced its hiatus, Sting had launched his solo career. Releasing 15 solo studio albums, Sting became one of the world’s best-selling music artists in the community. He has received 17 Grammy Awards, and solo and with The Police combined,  he has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Starting his musical career back in the days, Sting was one of the musicians who was influenced by The Beatles‘ 10-year career between 1970-1980. Although The Beatles disbanded more than four decades ago, their musical legacy has been continuing to be an inspiration from generation to generation.

Recently, Sting has opened up about The Beatles‘ influence on him while he was talking with the interviewer Rick Baeto. When Rick mentioned The Beatles during the interview, Sting expressed his gratitude to him and discussed The Beatles‘ impact on him. According to Sting, The Beatles is the main reason he is a musician.

“I’m glad you mentioned the Beatles because the reason I’m a musician is because of the Beatles,” he says.

“They were from Liverpool, I was from Newcastle; both port towns in the north of England – working class. They had the same education as me, I went to grammar school; they were scholarship boys. Smart working class kids.”

Sting Admits The Beatles Conquered The World

Sting then once again praised The Beatles. At first, the Grammy Award-winner 70-year-old musician said that The Beatles conquered all the world. Claiming that all musicians owe most things to The Beatles, Sting touched on how they influenced the generations.

“They conquered the world with their own songs, and therefore gave permission to a younger generation, a decade younger, to try the same thing, ‘Oh we’ll try that, I know those four chords – I could do that, probably,'” he continues.

“And we all tried. We owe a lot to the Beatles, they really were an amazing influence on all of our lives.”

This is not the first time that Sting and The Beatles were written side by side. Back in 2018, The Beatles guitarist Paul McCartney had respected Sting touching on the musician’s Fields Of Gold.

“I liked Sting’s Fields Of Gold, and I thought: ‘Y’know what, I should have written that,'” McCartney had said Jarvis Cocker at the Liverpool Institute. “I told him: ‘You stole my song.’ I thought that was a nice one, y’know?”

Shortly after McCartney said those words, Sting had gone on to his official Twitter account to react to McCartney‘s claims. In his tweet, the musician had once again admitted that he owes his musical career to one of The Beatles members, Paul McCartney.

“Paul McCartney says he wishes he would have written Fields Of Gold,” Sting said.

“There are more than a few of Paul’s that I wish I would have written.

“To hear this from someone I owe my life to is very special. Thank you, Paul.”

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