Nita Strauss Remembers Alice Cooper’s Special Day, This May Upset You

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, also known for her great solo works, has just posted a new post to remember the legendary rocker Alice Cooper‘s special day and took fans back to those days.

In the post she shared, Nita was on stage and rocking the crowd with her amazing performance. She was on her knees, and she seemed focused on her performance on stage.

With her caption, Nita revealed what year the photo belongs to. She also touched why that moment was so important for her and that why she thinks it’s important for Alice Cooper.

In the caption, Nita wrote the following words to describe the moment:

“Cool shot from Birmingham, UK, in 2017. This was a special show because it was the last one that the original Alice Cooper band was out on tour with us! Such a special tour and an honor for the ‘new guys’ to get to play with who we affectionally called the ‘OG’s’ (original group? Original guys? Definitely not old guys I would never).”

Her photo attracted great interest from her fans. Some of them wrote as a comment that how a great player she is. They also touched Alice Cooper and said that he is one of the legendary musicians of all time.

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