Motley Crue Remembers The Huge Show They Played In 1989

Motley Crue has just contacted fans through its social media channels and took fans back to the great show they played during their Dr. Feelgood Tour, which began in California on October 5, 1989, and ended in Arizona on August 5, 1990.

With a post they shared through their Instagram account, Motley Crue posted a photo while all four members playing on stage together. They were looking quite young and great.

When they remembered the day, Motley Crue shared the setlist of the day and revealed which day they played the show.

Motley Crue wrote the following message: “5th October 1989 Mötley plays a warm up show for the upcoming Dr.Feelgood Tour at the Whiskey A Go Go, West Hollywood CA.”

Motley Crue also added the setlist of the day, which included Kickstart My Heart (Live debut), Red Hot, Piece of Your Action, Rattlesnake Shake (Live debut)⁣, Too Young to Fall in Love, Shout at the Devil, Live Wire, Home Sweet Home, Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.) (Live debut), Slice of Your Pie (Live debut), Guitar Solo, Smokin’ in the Boys Room, Wild Side, Girls, Girls, Girls, Looks That Kill, and Dr. Feelgood (Live debut)⁣.

The story attracted huge interest from the fans who follow them through Instagram. Many of them stated that they need a time machine.

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