Led Zeppelin Legend Jimmy Page Recalls The Opportunities Of His First Show

English musician Jimmy Page, the guitarist/co-founder of the Grammy-winner English rock band Led Zeppelin, who’s one of the best-selling music artists in the history of audio recording, has recently shared a new throwback photo through his social media account and added a new story on his classic ‘OnThisDay’ series.

This time, in the statement he shared, Jimmy Page recalled his first Eastern Europe visit, which happened in 1998, and talked about what the show added to him.

“On this day in 1998, Page and Plant began The Mystic East ’98 tour in Zagreb, Croatia.

“I’d never visited Eastern Europe before and this first time in Croatia gave me a fascinating opportunity to meet the recently-liberated people and feel their openness and enthusiasm, which really manifested at the show.”

Also, when he returned to the country for another concert at the end of 1998, Jimmy Page talked about the bizarre dialogue between him and his fan.

“We came back to play this same venue on November 12th that year, when a lady that I had met at this first show queried ‘Why did you come back? Nobody comes back to play a second time!’, but I could have replied, ‘there had been an extended intermission!’”

Jimmy Page rocked the stage with Led Zeppelin, one of the best-selling music groups in the history of audio recording, who announced its disbandment after the death of the band’s drummer John Bonham, who died due to alcohol-related asphyxia in 1980.

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