Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Influenced Many Artists In Different Musical Worlds

Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Influenced Many Artists In Different Musical Worlds
The Danish drummer Lars Ulrich says his band Metallica influenced many artists in different musical worlds.

Metallica drummer/co-founder Lars Ulrich has touched on his band’s impact on all musical genres and stated that they’ve been influenced many artists in different musical worlds during a new interview on the third episode of The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1 – The Black Album.

Metallica, who’s on the eve of releasing its new massive reissue of Black Album that includes 53 different artists, is one of the biggest heavy metal bands that influenced countless artists. The 40-year band, who has released ten studio albums until now, leading his genre, no doubt.

Recently, one of the band’s founding members, Lars Ulrich, has mentioned his band’s undeniable success. Speaking about the band’s self-titled Black Album, Ulrich recalled the recording process and revealed all members made the album with full of respect to each other.


“It was a good 14, 15 months from when we started writing till we wrapped the record up,” Ulrich says. “The battle cry was just ‘simply.’ All four of us share a love and appreciation for bands like The Rolling Stones, for bands like AC/DC and for stuff that is much more traditional blues-based rock and roll. It’s a part of all of our schooling.

“We talked about shorter songs and the Misfits. I remember at some point, we were talking about a song like ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’. So a lot of stuff that showed up, obviously, was just probably fairly thematic of all of what we’re talking about here just for the first time on our horizon, on our radar.”

Lars Ulrich Claims Metallica Has Been Influenced Artists In Different Musical Worlds


Lars Ulrich has later mentioned a band that huge part of his childhood, Status Quo. He also mentioned the part of Metallica‘s musical lineage and said he’s proud of it. Lars explained how Metallica sort of has one foot in a lot of those different musical worlds.

“Take a band like Status Quo,” Ulrich says. “Status Quo were a huge, huge part of my childhood. And so whether it’s the harder – when you get into songs like ‘Down Down’ or ‘Rain’ or ‘Caroline’ or ‘Roll Over Lay Down’ and some of those mid-’70s albums like ‘Hello!’ or ‘Quo’ or ‘On The Level’, it’s all blues-based hard rock and roll. The amplifiers are a little more distorted and it’s turned up to sometimes 12 instead of 11, but again, it all comes from the same three Chuck Berry riffs and the same Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon riffs, and so on and so forth.

“And just like AC/DC and just like The Rolling Stones, that part of Metallica’s musical lineage is something that we’re, obviously, very open about and very proud of.

“And I think it certainly explains how we sort of have one foot in a lot of these different musical worlds. It was a combination of the shorter songs, the simpler songs, the songs that drums…

“I was more, like, ‘Okay, I just wanna set up the riffs rather than trying to lead.’ Okay, ‘…And Justice For All’, this whole thing starts with a crazy drum beat and the guitar follows the drums. It’s, like, ‘Okay, I’m just gonna sit back there and put the best drum beat behind these gargantuan guitar riffs.’

“It starts with the songs, ’cause the songs have to have the foundation to allow for the subtleties, to allow the space and to allow for all those types of things. So it was a convergence of all these different energies coming together just at the right time.”


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