Guns N’ Roses Star Supports Tom Morello’s Black Lives Matter Movement

The American rock band Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has just reposted a post on his social media account and showed his support to the Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello’s Black Lives Matter movement.

In the post shared by Tom Morello, he was talking about his mother’s important projects and her support for helpful things for a long time. His 96-year-old mother spent his life to support to oppressed people.

Slash reposted Tom Morello’s letter and added his iconic smile at the end of the letter.

Tom Morello wrote the following caption: “My 96 yr old mom has been a tireless advocate for Black Lives her whole life. From being a foreign student advisor at the Univ. of Illinois, to teaching in Kenya and supporting the anti-colonial movement there, to teaching African Studies and bringing a radical perspective to a white conservative high school for 30 yrs, to being a member of the Illinois Urban League and campaigning for civil rights, to helping homeless African American men get their GED at the Salvation Army, to telling anybody who came at our family with any racist garbage to go straight to hell, to arming me with pride & confidence, to being a lifelong proponent of racial justice and ruthless critic of racist police. Proud to stand with her today, as always, in solidarity in the fight for a more just and humane country & planet. iiii]; )’”

Many people discussed in the comments of the photo that whether the “Black Lives Matter” movement racist thought.

Here’s the post:

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