Steel Panther Guitarist Satchel Reveals The Funny Band Name That He Could Call Themselves

In a new interview with Ultimate-Guitar, the American heavy metal band Steel Panther guitarist Satchel talked about the band’s longtime career and revealed the funny band name that he could call themselves.

During an interview, the successful guitarist was asked how he describes the band. He revealed the previous names they used and explained the perfect example of why being a great band is more important than having a cool band name.

When the interviewer asked, “Steel Panther had rough beginnings. You had to change your name twice. How did the band manage to survive those early times?”, Satchel replied:

“You know, it’s really easy how we survived – as I’ve said, we’ve always been a great fucking band, and we’ve always been a live band. Obviously, before we did records, we were called different names.

“We were called Metal Skool at one point and we were called Metal Shop at one point. We basically made our living by doing shows. And the reason we were able to make a living is because we were so good as a live band.

“And the reason why we were able to change our name and continue to make a living is because people didn’t give a fuck about what’s the name of our band. And that’s a perfect example of why being a great band is more important than having a cool band name.”

He continued: “We could seriously call ourselves anything – we could call ourselves The Sock Toasters and we’d still be a great fucking band, and people would still buy our records, and they’d come to see our shows.

“It’s why we can name our pedal The Pussy Melter and it’s gonna sell no matter what – because it’s a great pedal. We could do whatever the fuck we want, right? We could name our band anything and people are still gonna keep coming to see us because we’re a great band.

“And that’s a great lesson for every band out there – focus on being an awesome band and don’t worry about your band name. We’ve had three different band names so far, and we’ve sold out shows the entire time. That’s what most bands can work on.”

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