Gary Holt Decided to Sell His 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Known for his excellent stage performances, smiling face and love for his wife, Gary Holt has recently shared that he decided to sell his 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom on his Instagram account and wanted that contact him through DM who interested. He also said that he has got a glut of guitars and need to clear a little room.

Here’s the statement he shared:

“So I’ve decided to sell one to cover the latest! 2012 Les Paul standard custom shop, kind of a violet burst finish, Used live on the song Bloodline a few times during the 2017 tour( look at the live video from the theater in Madison Square Garden) and used during the song ‘Only Death Decides’ at The Chapel in SF. DM if interested. Condition is as the day it was born, amazing guitar. Had coil tapping galore too. I’ve got a glut of guitars and need to clear a little room!”

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