Gary Holt Breaks Silence On Slayer’s Reunion Rumors

Gary Holt, the guitarist of the thrash metal band Slayer, who played its last-ever concert at the Forum in Los Angeles on November 30, broke his silence on the band’s possible reunion after people’s reunion rumors.

During a conversation with Let There Be Talk, the 56-year-old guitarist was asked if Slayer will be reunite for the new shows in the future. Gary Holt shared his honest opinion about the issue and said if it happens, it has nothing to do with him.

“People say, ‘Oh, maybe they’ll come back in a few years.’ I don’t know. If it does, if it ever happens, it has nothing to do with me. Someone else would call and say, ‘We wanna [do this].’ To my knowledge, it’s done. And I think it should be that way. The band went out fucking on a bang, went out on Slayer’s terms, and how many people get to say they did that?”

Gary Holt also talked about how Slayer affected him during his musical career. He said they made him happy.

“Everybody’s happy doing their own thing. I’m happy as fuck. Not that Slayer made me unhappy – I was treated like family – but I’m back with my first family. I’m back with not my stepbrothers – I’m back with my real brothers. And that’s where my heart is, and I missed it, and I was missing it more and more all the time.”

Gary Holt rocked the stage with Slayer between 2011-2019.


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