Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Explains Why He Calls AC/DC Song As ‘International Heavy Metal Anthem’

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider made a new conversation with Ultimate-Guitar’s David Slavković and explained why he thinks AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” is an International Heavy Metal Anthem.

During the conversation, the interviewer asked why he thought to cover “Highway To Hell” between all AC/DC songs. Dee Snider replied:

“I always felt that that song – I call it the International Heavy Metal Anthem – and it resonates with all the metalheads around the world.

“Also, I sing it really good. [Laughs] And Bon Scott is a very big influence on me, so I wanted to show off and say, ‘Listen to what I can do!’”

Also, in his recent appearance, Dee Snider upset AC/DC fans by announcing that the new AC/DC album has been delayed to the coronavirus pandemic. He concluded his words by saying that the album had been recorded.

Click here for the conversation.

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