Lorna Shore Fired the Vocalist CJ McCreery

Formed in 2010, American deathcore band Lorna Shore has just published a statement on their official Facebook account and stated that the vocalist CJ McCreery was left the band. The statement is drowned many fans in sorrow and left a question mark in mind, why? No explanation or reason was shown yet from the band.

You can see the short statement Lorna Shore shared on Facebook below.

“Effective immediately, CJ McCreery is no longer the vocalist of Lorna Shore.”

Although Lorna Shore has not published an official statement, CJ’s ex-girlfriend Nicole Garvey has recently shared accusations of abuse about CJ in a statement on her Twitter account. Nicole reminded us of what she wrote in October and shared her experience with CJ. Many fans have a good reason to believe that why CJ McCreery left from the band.

Here’s the tweet she shared:

“I wrote this in October.

I’m not going to expose every detail and relive years of my own trauma and abuse to “prove it” to strangers or people who don’t deserve one more fiber of my energy. Take it or leave it. Here is MY warning. This is MY experience with Cj McCreery.”

You can find her tweet, and what she wrote in October below.

Click here for more details.

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