Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Praises Kate Bush By Touching A Phenomenal Concert

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page, 76, praised the English singer/songwriter Kate Bush by remembering a phenomenal concert he witnessed and sent good words for her.

With the letter he wrote through her social media channels, Jimmy Page was taking fans back to 2014 to mention the greatness of her. He also talked about the extraordinary materials he experienced. In addition to his 2014 memory, Jimmy also touched the last show she played in 1979, which was held at Hammersmith Odeon in London.

Jimmy concluded his words by showing his respect to her. He wrote the following letter:

“On this day in 2014, I saw Kate Bush at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.⁣

Kate Bush is an artist and writer of some of the most extraordinary material I have had the pleasure to experience. From hearing ‘Man With A Child In His Eyes’ written in her teens and on her debut album I knew this was a unique talent with a depth of profound understanding to all things musical. She continued to grow artistically and released a catalogue of fascinating lyrical music over the years.⁣

In 1979 Kate Bush played her last concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. From then on she became quite a successful recluse. When it was announced in 2014 that she was to perform a run of concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon the tickets evaporated. However I was lucky to be given two tickets and went with poet @scarlettzsabet to experience the communion. Kate generated an unparalleled commitment from the audience who attended her shows. It was that they were requested not to record the show that evening and they kept to that. I think there may have been a public lynching awaiting anyone who may disobey.⁣

The feeling for love and respect for Kate was tangible. Her show displayed the measure of her genius and vision both past, present and future. Each and every one of us was truly moved by her concert both visually and musically.”

Jimmy Page‘s story can be seen below.

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