Jimmy Page Discloses A Rare Photo To Remember The Special Show He Played With Led Zeppelin

The 76-year-old musician Jimmy Page, who achieved international success as the guitarist of the English rock band Led Zeppelin, has just updated his social channels to add a new story to his daily ‘OnThisDay’ series and took fans back to 1973.

With the recent posts he shared through his all of social channels, the legendary musician remembered their 1973 show and recalled Led Zeppelin’s final night on Madison Square Garden, which held on July 29th, 1973.

When Jimmy was talking about those days, he touched the greatness of the shows. He also said that he was with Eddie Kramer and added it was great.

Jimmy Page wrote the following words to remember those days:

“On this day in 1973, Led Zeppelin played the last night of Madison Square Garden in New York. This was the final night of our American tour and here at MSG recording and filming the concert.

“I was informed as we were on the side stage just before going on to perform that there had been a robbery at the Drake Hotel where the safety deposit box had been relieved of cash the previous night. Somehow all this manifested in even more passion in that night’s performance.

“Here I am with Eddie Kramer, who handled the engineering on this and subsequent evenings.”

In the comments, his social media followers shared their thoughts about those days and thanked him for the stories.

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