Ex-Black Sabbath Star Recalls The Rare Thing That Tony Iommi Told Him

Ex-Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Appice has just appeared on the Ultimate-Guitar and remembered the rare sentence that Tony Iommi said to him when he was unsatisfied with his playing.

During the conversation, the interviewer David Slavković asked him that if Tony Iommi demanded or laid back when he first joined the band. The successful drummer replied:

“No, Tony’s not demanding at all. Nor is Geezer. They actually were on the shy side, you know, they don’t know you and stuff. But we got to know each other pretty well.

“And we just did our thing and we got along so well. Tony would play the riff, I just sit down at the drums and start jamming with him, and we’ve done that for years, Tony and I. And then if Geezer’s there, he starts playing. It’s very easy, you know?”

He continued his words by remembering the rare sentence that Tony told him. He also added that when he was recording, no one tells him anything.

“And then they’d work out different parts. Very rarely did Tony say, ‘Well maybe that what you played there isn’t so good, maybe try something else.’ Very, very, very rarely.

“Especially on the records; nobody would say anything, they just let me play what I wanted. But I was very, you know, my ears and eyes were opened working with them – I wanted to make them happy as well.

“So I was very tailored to how the whole band worked together. I fit in very well, we got along very well at that time. So it was very easy. Tony wasn’t demanding at all.”

Vinny Appice appeared Black Sabbath‘s some albums include 1981’s “Mob Rules,” 1982’s “Live Evil,” 1992’s “Dehumanizer,” and 2007’s “Live at Hammersmith Odeon.”


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