Slipknot’s Corey Taylor’s Mesmerizes Fans With Her Mind-Blowing Mini Dress Poses

photo credit: roqnpix

The American heavy metal band Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor’s wife, Alicia Taylor, has shared new photos through her social channel and showed her beauty with it.

In the photos she shared, Alicia Taylor was posing in the street and on a black-car. When we look at the first pose, she was wearing a mini dress and holding her hair. In the second fourth, she was posing around the car.

She sent the poses by revealing the creator of the shoes. She wrote the following caption:

“These shoes by Charla Tedrick are everything.”

Under her tweet, many fans stated how a hot girl she is. Some of them wrote that they stunned in front of her beauty.

Here’s the poses:

Had so much fun shooting these AMAZING SHOES by @charla_tedrick. Just look at these babies! 😍😍😍.shoes: @charla_tedrickphoto: @radiant_incdenim vest: @aaliyahskyy007hair/makeup: me

Alicia Taylor paylaştı: 2 Temmuz 2020 Perşembe


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