The 25-year world-class heavy metal band Slipknot singer Corey Taylor‘s wife Alicia Dove Taylor, which was the director and a founder of the rock dance group the Cherry Bombs, has updated her verified social media account with a stunning photo and gave the good news to the fans.

In the caption of the photo shared by Alicia, she stated that she getting ready for the next announcement, and excited for the new chapter she’ll share with us.

“I’ve been working like mad getting ready for the next announcement, she said. I am so excited to share this new chapter with you and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.”

She also thanked who supported Cherry Bombs from early days to now and added: “You mean so much, and I hope we can give you something back in return- whether that’s a kickass show, or excitement to go after your goals… whatever it is, I hope you’re able to take something from what we do.

“Stay tuned for Tuesday – I’ve got something for you.”

Also, on the comments of the photo, Alicia replied a comment written by Dustin Swigart. In his comment, Dustin said: “That I’m gonna kick your ass going on lol.”

Alicia replied: “Gurrrllll still waiting on those cupcakes!”


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