The 22-year-old recording artist Electra Mustaine, also known as the daughter of the heavy metal band Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, has talked about her late-night project which will be happening during coronavirus pandemic and revealed that she will be imitating the Tiki Nights in the night of day 51.

In the photo shared by her, Electra Mustaine was wearing a striped bikini and her hair was bulk. Also, in the pose she shared, Electra stood in the middle of her room and posed towards the camera. She was looking pretty hot in her striped bikini.

When the time came to describe the moment, Electra Mustaine explained why she wore like that and said it will be continuing for a long time.

She said: “Day 51. ‘Going to the beach.’ We’re officially starting themed nights at my house. Tonight is tiki night which means hawaiian shirts, bikinis, homemade piña coladas, hawaiian BBQ, & luau music! How are you guys keeping things interesting?! I love love this idea — which i got a lil inspo for from my best babe @laci.matteson! I think this will continue LONG after this is over!… psst, send more theme ideassss!!”

As a response to her wish, many fans sent her a theme idea. Even, an idea was liked by Electra Mustaine. When ex-model Christine Greyson said she could be a Paris night, Electra Mustaine responded it and said it could be great.


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