The 30-year-old poet/performer Scarlett Sabet, best known as the girlfriend of the English rock band Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page, has recently talked about her new spoken word album Catalyst, which produced by Jimmy Page, and revealed the rare photo she posed with Jimmy Page.

Through her social media account, while introducing her new spoken word album, the successful poet mentioned how devastating days we living in. She also revealed where she inspired while she creating the album.

She sent the following letter to talk about her new spoken word album: “Prior to the devastating pandemic and lockdown, at the beginning of the year, I spoke to @tatlermagazine about creating Catalyst at Tower House with Jimmy, how inspiring and precious William Burges’s architecture and interiors are, writing my poem Euphoric Kiss in the astrology room, being a geek at school and getting a scholarship, waitressing to fund the publishing of my self published poetry collections, and falling in love… Pictured here in the library with my best friend Jimmy.”

In addition to the great interest of the spoken word album and the photo she shared, the fans talked about in the comments of the photo that how successful and beautiful woman Scarlett is.

Scarlett Sabet has released her spoken word album in 2019.


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