Sophie Simmons, the daughter of the American hard rock band Kiss legend Gene Simmons, has just sent a hot billiards photo through her social media account and impressed the fans with her gaze.

In the photo she shared, Sophie lay down on the pool table between two pool sticks and scattered balls and was looking directly to the camera. In addition, when the sentence “Let’s play.”, which she wrote as the description of the photograph, is synchronized with her gaze, even more, impressive things are revealed.

Also, the song “LIGHT YA FIRE”, co-written by Sophie and Broken Back, is out today. A fan named Dee has mentioned her feelings about the song on the comments of the photo and said, “Just listen to your new song. Stupid dumb for you. Love it. Writing about your feelings is brave. And I would think difficult looking for the right words. Fantastic job!”

Sophie responded: “Thank you! Ya, you know when you like someone so much you act like an idiot and completely not yourself… That’s pretty much the song haha, and how I felt then.”

Here’s the photo:


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