The Canadian/American singer Sophie Simmons, best known as the daughter of the American rock band KISS bassist Gene Simmons, has just updated her official social media account with a stage photo and took her fans back.

Due to coronavirus, curfew and strict management have been declared in many countries. Also, many governments have told to people that they should not leave the house unless they have important jobs. Sophie took the opportunity and went into deep in her photo archive. She revealed to her fans that she was planning for the remaining days of 2020 and, as the government said, said to her fans that they should stay as home as possible.

“Throwback to ADE,” she said in the caption of the photo. “While everything is on pause this week, I have been going through old photos, organizing songs and planning the rest of 2020! stay optimistic and stay home as much as possible so we can have more amazing times in the future.”

In the comments of the photo, many fans supported Sophie‘s thoughts and said they should stay at home. They added that acting unconsciously could have bad consequences.


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