The American heavy metal band Slipknot star Corey Taylor‘s wife Alice Dove, best known as the director/founder of the rock dance group the Cherry Bombs, has just updated her social media account with an information statement and relayed what she knows about their upcoming tour.

Another sad news came from the Cherry Bombs team after many artists’ canceled their concerts because of the coronavirus threat. In the days especially the elderly and people with the disease should pay attention, Alicia also sent a message of support by addressing this issue.

“I don’t have a ton of info- but I’ll relay what I know,” she wrote in the social media statement. “For now, our spring tour has been postponed. We are bummed, but it’s important we all ban together and do what we can to make sure we get through this. I will make sure you know of the new dates as soon as possible- we are working on this.”

She continued: “Thank you to everyone who supports our #GirlGang. We WILL see you soon.

“And thank you to everyone who has to continue to work and risk their health so that we can continue on. We appreciate you and hope everyone stays safe.

“Check on the elderly, and those who have immune issues. Do what you can to ease the situation for one another, if you can. Look out for yourselves, and your loved ones.

“I am toying with the idea of having some of my ladies and myself having FT sessions where we read a book to some of our younger fans. I’ve been surprised to learn our followers have found us to be empowering for their young ones, and would like to extend the opportunity to help out during this time. Maybe even an all ages dance session. Just sort of rambling ideas, but you get the point. Just want my team and I to give back however we can.”

In the comments of the photo, the fans expressed that they had the same opinion as Alicia and hoped that these difficult days will be pass immediately.

Also, according to Johns Hopkins University, it has been reported that there are more than 14,000 cases, and approximately 200 of these cases have been dead.


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