Alice Cooper‘s touring guitarist Nita Strauss, also known as the first female signature artist of the Ibanez, has just shared a new photo taken during her work out moment and expressed how she miss being in the gym.

Recently, the talented artist, also known for her curiosity to the gym, has added a new photo to her official social media account and touched one of her favorite activities.

In the photo she sent, Nita Strauss was in the gym and busy with the rope workout. As she continued her workout, Nita looked very confident.

Nita Strauss included the following words for expressing her missing to gym days:

“I’m starting to really, really miss the gym. How are you guys staying active during the lockdown? Give me some favorite home workout tips!⁣

“I’ve been using Powerblock Dumbbells, resistance bands, and TRX Training in our backyard and following my Renaissance Periodization diet plan so I stay on track!

“Food has been the biggest struggle for me to stay consistent, so having their plan and recipes to follow using Trifecta a la carte protein and veggies has definitely been a blessing!!”

While reading many fans’ comments, Nita Strauss replied to a comment written by Butcher Babies singer Carla Harvey. In the comments of the photo, the successful singer asked Nita that if she liked Powerblock Dumbbells.

“They’re amazing,” Nita replied. “Total game changer, great for tour too!”

Take a look below: