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Joe is an ER Nurse by day and a multidimensional music journalist by night. Joe got his start in a freelance capacity for Vinyl Junkies before joining VWMusic at its inception in 2019, eventually being named its Senior Columnist. A consumer of music in all its forms and genres since a young age: Joe enjoys sharing his unique perspective through a variety of editorials, reviews, and self-reflective pieces. Through his interviews, Joe assists fellow music lovers in uncovering material that lies beneath, with dynamic personalities from all corners of the music world. Interviews Joe has done include Ian Anderson, Biff Byford, Daru Jones and many more. Believing variety is the spice of life, any given hour will find Joe listening to Reggae, Metal, Vaporwave, and everything in between. While Joe appreciates all aspects that got into making music, what he appreciates most is a good singer/songwriter. His favorite singer/songwriters include Bob Marley, John Darnielle, Robert Smith, Laura Jane Grace and Fela Kuti among others.