The world-known heavy metal band Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor‘s dancer wife, Alicia Taylor, who is known as a founder of the rock dance group Cherry Bombs, looked mesmerizing in a leopard bra and super-tight black pants.

Recently, Alicia Taylor took to her official Instagram and Twitter accounts to show off her beauty in the new photos.

On Twitter, Alicia‘s mind-blowing pose has been revealed by Mickey Fitzpatrick who took the photo. In the photo, Alicia was posing in the middle of a street and fascinated followers while wearing a leopard-detailed bra. She was looking flashy in her fashion makeup.

“Peggy Bundy 2.0,” Alicia tweeted on the photo.

Meanwhile, she has sent two more photos by using her official Instagram account and contacted followers in a special way.

In her Instagram photo, Alicia was posing in skin-tight black pants. She wore a black t-shirt to mention her passion for scary movies.

“Having such a great time at @spookyempire rocking one of the latest @frightrags designs,” she captioned. “What’s your favorite scary movie from recent years? Mine is Hereditary- but I hear Lake Mungo is a must see.”

(image credit: Alicia Taylor Instagram account)

In addition to her post, she took to her Instagram stories to reveal another pose of herself. This time, Alicia wore a painted bra and looked fascinating.

(image credit: Alicia Taylor Instagram stories)