The Grammy Award-winner American heavy metal band Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor‘s wife, Alicia Dove, best known as the director/founder of the rock dance group Cherry Bombs, has just updated her social media account with an extraordinary photo shoots and revealed her braless moments.

In the post, Alicia Dove sent five photos in total. In the first photo, she was looking at the camera directly. In the second, she was showing her neck with her forefinger. In the third photo, she was holding her breast with her two hands. In the fourth photo, she was holding her treat with her hands and looks she was screaming. In the fifth and final photo, Alicia closing her mouth with her right hand.

Alicia Dove sent the poses with the joking about the photos: “The black coffee series shot by alexander sikwitit.”

The poses are attracted great interest by the fans who saw the photo. They expressed how beautiful she is. Also, in the comments of the photo, while a fan named Kai spoke about the poses by saying that he thought her coffee machine exploded right in front of her, Alicia replied:

“Good think Costco has a lifetime return policy.”


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