The 55-year-old successful guitarist Gary Holt, who played guitar in the American thrash metal band  Slayer between 2011-2019, has just updated his social media account with a special-kissing photo and showed how much he loves his wife Lisa Holt.

Almost every day, Gary Holt decorates his social media account with a photo of his wife or children. One day, if we see one of his sweet children, the other day we see his beautiful wife, Lisa Holt. We support the relationship between them and look at them with envy.

The letter written by Gary Holt as a description of the photo seemed to explain everything. It was special like the photo.

“Every day brings me a little closer to being reunited with Lisa Holt, my better half and partner in crime,” he wrote. “Miss this woman a TON! Ugh. The down side of rock and roll is being away from family. This was taken after our vow renewal, taken by our BFF Janet Elizabeth.”

Also, Lisa Holt has responded to the photo in the comments and said, “Awwww miss u more..”


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