The successful actress Rita Lowery, also known as the wife of the heavy metal musician Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, has just updated her social media account with a new photo featuring her husband John William Lowery, best known as John 5, and revealed the special moment they lived during self-isolating.

In the photo shared by her, John 5 was on the elliptical exercise bike while Rita taking their picture in front of the mirror. Also, while John 5 wearing a black shirt, Rita was wearing a gym suit.

When Rita sent the photo, she wished good morning to his fans who follow her on his social media account.

John 5, which exercising on the elliptical exercise bike, has attracted great interest from the fans who saw the photo. They sent their love as a comment to the photo.

During this difficult coronavirus outbreak, the couple didn’t forget to contact with fans and warned them with their social media posts almost every day.

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