The talented guitarist John 5, known for his touring career with the rock musician Rob Zombie, has recently added a new photo to his official Instagram page to show off his rare talent while using his wife, Rita Lowery.

In addition to his touring appearances with different musicians, John 5, who also played with David Lee Roth and Marilyn Manson on his career, has a huge solo career. He recorded and released nine albums in total and was beloved by many rock fans.

However, in a recent social media photo, John 5 was wearing a Dr. Zaius mask while sitting on the couch. Meanwhile, his wife was lying on his knees and enjoying with her phone. Later that, John 5 hit his wife’s booty while looking at her and stated that he showing off his drum skills.

“Showing off my drumming skillz @rlowery,” John 5 captioned when he shared the photo.

In the comments, John 5’s wife Rita has shared her thoughts and wrote, “Stick to guitar.” Also, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany was one of those who commented on the photo. “Yessssss get those bongos,” she commented.

You can find the photo below.

photo: John 5 Instagram feed