The heavy metal musician Rob Zombie guitarist John 5‘s actress wife Rita Lowery added a new to her social media account and sent a special thank message to people who congratulated her new brand.

The beautiful actress has recently announced through her social media accounts that she formed a new brand named “Ritahair” and happy to create it. Having received numerous greeting messages over the past few days, Rita posted a thank message for not being able to answer everyone individually.

In the photo she shared, Rita was putting her hand on her shoulder for her hair to be seen. She was looking at the camera directly, and she looks beautiful as always.

When she sent the thank message, she looked a little surprised: “Just wanted to thank everyone for all the crazy endless support, messages, posts and love. You are the BEST!!!!!”

The pose attracted great interest from fans who saw her selfie. While many of them congratulate her, a couple of them expressed how a gorgeous woman she is.

Take a look her selfie below.


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