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Queen’s Brian May Slams The Government After Their Coronavirus Decision


The 72-year-old English musician Brian May, best known as the lead guitarist of the 50-year British rock band Queen, has just updated his social media account with a surprise statement and slammed the government after their coronavirus decision.

In the social media post he shared, Brian May posted an article about coronavirus that said the people in Britain aged over 70 will be instructed soon by the government to stay in strict isolation for four months. When seeing the article, Brian couldn’t control himself and stated that they were excluded from society. You can read the statement shared by Brian May below.

“Can this be true? I’m hearing that this story in the Press may be incorrect – so I may take this post down. It sounds more and more like a distopian science fiction film. So anyone over 70 will now be discriminated against? Denied their freedom? Under house arrest? And please don’t tell me, ‘It’s for your own good, Bri’.

“The reason given in the small print is that this will be done to ease pressure on NHS, so younger cases can be prioritised. This means it’s basically for the good of the young, now that we old buggers have been declared of secondary importance ? Wow.

“So, last month I’m travelling the world playing to 40,000 happy kids per night – and next month, if I’m seen loose on the street, I will be reported to the police? What an awful slippery slope we are on. Can they really get away with this? Excluding us from society? Have they really thought this through? I guess I will no longer be able to say ‘We’re all in this together’. Or have I got this wrong?

“OK – my dear pal Nat has just given me a great boost. She says that when Shakespeare was quarantined for the Plague he wrote KING LEAR!! So that’s it. I will turn this negative into a positive. If I can’t work in the studio and I can’t play live, I will… WRITE!”

In the comments of the post, many fans reacted against the government’s behavior. Many fans also stressed to Brian May that he should be careful and act with extreme caution.

Also, recently, Queen + Adam Lambert have played 6-date in Australia under the name of Fire Fight Australia, which kicked off at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on February 13 and ended at Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast on February 29.

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