Ozzy Osbourne: “I gotta get back on that stage. I miss it so much”


”The Prince of Darkness” Ozzy Osbourne recently interviewed with his close friend Billy Morrison at new episode of OZZY SPEAKS. In their speech, they talk about Ozzy’s recovery process, new music and upcoming tour plans.

As you remember, upon canceling his North American tour with Megadeth, Ozzy said, ”I am not to able to tour right now.” on April 24th.

In their interview, Billy Morrison posed a question to Ozzy Osbourne. The speech exactly took place as follows.

Billy Morrison: Well, you’ve done it since when? How old were you when you first got on a stage?
Ozzy Osbourne: Well, it’s been 51 years now. So work that out. I’m 70.
BM: F**k me. So, from the age of 20, that’s all you’ve known?
OO: That’s all I want to f**king know.


You can watch the full of interview below.

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