The successful guitarist Nita Strauss has recently updated her social media account and mesmerized her fans with an irresistible photo.

While flying to Australia for their MC50 tour, who also includes Alice Cooper and Airbourne, Nita Strauss looked grumpy and fussy during the travel. But even so, Nita said that she could not resist the beautiful selfie light, as she said before, and she took this opportunity very nicely.

“I was fussy from being on the plane so long but I can never resist good selfie lighting so,” she said. “Perth, we’re here! Saturday the @alicecooper @airbourne MC50 tour kicks off at RAC Arena, and Sunday will be my first ever guitar clinic in Australia.”

The 7-date tour will conclude at Horncastle in Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, 2020.


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