Courtney Sixx, the wife of the American heavy metal band Motley Crue legend Nikki Sixx, has just sent an emotional statement through her social media account and recalled the first days of 2020. In addition, Nikki Sixx has also reposted that letter on his official Instagram account.

In the statement, she mentioned the refugee camp in Cape Town, which they visited at Christmas with Nikki Sixx, and said how sweet and angelic people they are.

“This day was truly one of the most memorable and special of my life. Nikki and I had the opportunity to visit a refugee camp outside of Cape Town on Christmas, and we were lucky enough to play SANTA to the sweetest most deserving, grateful and angelic boys and girls we have ever met.”

She also mentioned that this was an amazing experience and that the most amazing event of that day.

“It was just an incredible experience but what was the most amazing part of the day was how happy these children were with practically no material things, living in tin houses. No running water.”

She continued: “I’m so happy I came across this photo today. Sometimes I need to check myself and be so grateful for everything I have. This photo reminds me of how small and insignificant any problems I have actually are and is a great reminder to thank God every day and be grateful.”


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