Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s media personality wife, Brittany Furlan Lee, showed her amazing body with a recent photo she shared on her official social media and mesmerized fans.

With a recent photo shared through her official Instagram account, Brittany Furlan Lee broke her social media silence and sent a pose taken in Saint Barthélemy. She was posing around a beach while showing her beauty.

When we detailed the photo, we have seen that she was wearing a pink bikini to show her passion. In addition to her bikini, Brittany was wearing a beach hat. Also, she looked much fit than her previous photos.

In the caption, she wrote a piece of words to describe how she spends her day:

“This was a good day.”

In the comments, her close friends and social media fans made comments about her beauty and sent their thoughts as a comment. While Rita Lowery says, “Hottest,” her husband’s bandmate’s wife, Courtney Sixx wrote, “Eden Rock!”

You can find Brittany Furlan Lee‘s mind-blowing beach pose below.

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This was a good day 🏝

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