Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s model wife Courtney Sixx, who has so many talents in her career, has recently shared a new photo to contact fans via her social channels and showed how she beautiful in a bralette.

In the photo shared by her, Courtney was lying down on a couch detailed lemonade and leaf. She wore a black bralette and looked towards to the camera. She also put a flower crown. Clearly, she mesmerized fans with her pose.

“Have always loved my flower crowns,” she captioned. “What flowers would your ultimate crown be made of? @bouquetbox.”

In the comments, people touched her beauty and praised her touching her greatness. While a fan Royce writes, “You are so Beautiful in your crown,” another wrote, “You remind me so much of Sharon Tate.”

You can find the social media photo below.

photo: Courtney Sixx Instagram