Motley Crue Star Nikki Sixx’s Daughter Looks Gorgeous With Her Green Eyes


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s daughter, Frankie Sixx, also known as the American model, has just dropped new photos through her official social media account and shared her beauty with her fans.

In the photos she shared on her Instagram channel, the 19-year-old model posed in her room while spending her free time with her dog. When we look at the first photo, she was showing her gorgeous eyes on her sunglasses. In the second, she was hugging her dog.

Frankie shared the post by revealing her love for her dog. She wrote the following caption:

“How can you not love this face.”

Under the post, her social media followers commented on it and expressed how a beautiful girl she is. In addition to her followers, Courtney Sixx, wife of Nikki Sixx, has also commented on it and wrote the dog’s name to show her love.

Here’s the post:


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