One of the successful internet personalities, Brittany Furlan Lee, also known as the wife of the Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, has just added a new selfie to her official social media account and revealed how she spend her quarantine times.

Recently, the 33-aged comedian has posted a new moment she lived during this important coronavirus outbreak and talked about what she doing in those times. While she talks on how she spends her time, Brittany said she was dressing, putting on a wig, and walking through her house.

In the hot photo she shared, she was wearing a white hat, white sunglasses. She was looking insane with her red lipstick while wearing a blue bikini.

She wrote the following caption for telling what she does during quarantine: “Got up, got dressed, put on wig, and makeup, walked around the backyard for 15 minutes like this, now back in bed.”

The American actress Rita Lowery, also known as the wife of the Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, has also commented on the photo and expressed how hot she is.